Forex Market Hours

This tutorial is designed to educate you of the best times to trade forex as it has a huge impact on profit-making.

  • Four major sessions of Forex Market
  • Knowledge on Forex Market hours
Forex Market Hours

Forex is a market that works 24/5 from Sunday 2200h to Friday 2200h. As traders are involved in trading all day long, Forex market hours vary according to the region. That means, there are specific time periods when most of the Forex traders invest their money and make bids or involve in trading. Because of this varying hours of their trading, the market is categorized into four major sessions. They are as follows.

  • London
  • Tokyo
  • New York
  • Sydney

From all the sessions scattered across the world these market sessions came to the top by the participation of traders, bids, turnover and many other factors like transactions. When a market becomes more and more active by the involvement of many numbers of traders, many opportunities get created inside the market to attract more traders from other countries and regions. When two markets overlap, more and more traders come to the market to purchase currencies from many countries.

These separate market sessions have specific open and close time due to their own properties.

Forex Market Hours
Forex Market Time Zone Opens(GMT) Closes(GMT)
LONDON Europe/London 0800h 1600h
NEW YORK America/New York 1300h 2200h
SYDNEY Australia/Sydney 2200h 0700h
TOKYO Asia/Tokyo 0100h 1000h


Naive traders are eager to earn money by trading their reserves taking various daily Forex signals and data into account. This may cause serious losses due to less knowledge about trends, patterns and the market gains throughout a long period of time.

Awareness of Forex opening and closing time as well as the market session overlap time are really important to start trading real money. Because, as mentioned in early lessons, a well tested trading plan practiced by an amateur trader must have a perfect time and a market session selected prior to trading in Forex.