How to become a successful Forex trader?

What is the best strategy for a beginner to become a successful Forex trader?


  • As a beginner, trading Forex is full of risks. 99% of the Forex traders fail in their first Forex trade. Only 5% of the rest will survive within two years. Reason for this is the lack of knowledge in Forex. 

    To become a successful Forex Beginner, one must need to fulfil the following things.

    Proper knowledge in Forex Basics.

    (Tutorial 2)

    Ability to make accurate predictions using Forex chart analysis

    (Tutorial 4 and 6)

    Knowledge in the correlation between a country’s currency price and economic factors affecting a country. (Tutorial 3)

    A Clear idea in Forex Disciplines. (Tutorial 8)

    Tips from professional traders to avoid risk factor in Forex. (Tutorial 10)

    iDoForex beginners guide provides a complete set of tutorials for Forex beginners who are interested in earning profits.

  • You have shared a good instruction for forex beginner. Thanks.

  • Never forget to use demo account, i.e. a trading account with monopoly money directly connected to the live market. Trades in real time and correspond to what would be true losses and benefits if the money were real.

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